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I had heat sculpting done by Sarah and it was fabulous!  Throughout the process, Sarah was wonderful at explaining what was happening and managing my expectations.  Sarah is super knowledgeable about so much more than the sculpting.  We talked about facial treatments, my skin type and ways to improve my overall health.  I will definitely be returning here and recommend it to others looking for a massage, facial or sculpting.  The entire office clearly values their clientele, the front desk staff was welcoming and the owner was there and talking with guests.  I was visiting family in AZ, but will be back for more sculpting and will happily support this wonderful small business!

-Brandi R.

Sarah is an exceptional aesthetician! Ever since I made taking care of my skin a priority, Sarah has known exactly what to do. I recently got a dermaplane treatment from her and was so relaxed the entire time. My skin has never felt better, I can't recommend her enough! Whatever your skin needs, she's got you covered!

-Carly M.

If you are looking for a GREAT therapeutic massage, Jackie is the therapist to see.  She is very caring and knowledgeable about muscles, tension, and anything else body related.  I highly recommend making an appointment with her.  She is also now doing cupping.  It has worked miracles on my back and shoulders.  I have been pain free for over 3 months from the cupping she did on my back in areas that have been chronically painful for years.
If you are looking to tighten up your body, Sarah is the gal to see.  After one session on my arms, I have lost a total of 9 inches.  The results are amazing.  I have also had one session on my abdomen area.  I will be going back for another in the near future.  I cannot believe the results.  If I had not known it was me, I would have doubted the results.  Sarah is so kind and knowledgeable.  
Sarah also did dermaplaning on my face.  WOW!!!  What a difference.  She makes your face glow.  
I look forward to having more services done by these 2 extraordinary professional therapists.

-Jacki R.

Bluestone therapy gave me my first massage/cupping and it was the most amazing experience that I have had. I've never had one before but overall I was very pleased and will be back!
Very professional
Excellent service and communication
Very clean
Thank you so much!

-Joshua S.

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